Tree Stump removal Hollywood FL

We professionally carry out stump removal in both commercial and residential properties

Many companies offering tree removal do not offer stump removal, so you are often faced with another challenge of stump presence after tree removal.

Tree Stump Problems That Can Occur

  • Visitors Could Trip Over Them: It would be an awful experience for a visitor who is not yet familiar with your environment to trip and fall over a stump because of your careless oversight. Tripping over a stump can cause severe injuries and even death in a few cases.
  • Attracting Insects: The presence of tree stumps can attract different breeds of insects to your yard. This could be dangerous or irritating, depending on the type of insect that finds its way there.
  • The presence of tree stumps decreases your curb appeal and bring down your property value.

You don’t need to fret over any of these problems, because with the help of a professional stump removal we will take out stumps as quickly as possible, without worrying about safety.

Professional Stump Removal In Hollywood FL

Our team of well-motivated stump removal professionals is always ready to remove stumps from your yard, using the best mechanisms possible. 

We adopt two methods for this, namely:

  • Stump grinding
  • Stump extraction utilizing a backhoe.

Once you’ve contacted and given us the order to go ahead, we will come to the site and determine what method is best for the stump. With stump grinding, we utilize a state of the art stump grinder to grind the stump below the surface area of the ground, with an aim to remove its look entirely. This method is popular and very effective. You can trust that our team of stump removal experts will utilize the best and safest mechanisms for this process.

We also offer stump extraction using a backhoe. Here, we use a medium backhoe to extract the stump and all connected roots physically. This method is less popular, and only used by commercial developers, especially in cases stump is restrained with some structures or buildings. 

Be assured that whatever the approach we adopt to remove a stump, our team will throw in everything possible to ensure safety and efficiency all through the process. 

As part of our standout features, we offer free estimates and affordable stump removal options, all to help make the process easier for you. 

We have a team of stump removal experts that specializes in cutting and removing dead, dangerous, difficult, complicated, and large trees stumps. 

So whatever the problem might be, however difficult you think it is, you can trust our team here to handle it as best as possible, taking out the stump and all its traces within a few hours. 

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As part of the range of services that we offer, we do stump removal through grinding. Our powerful stump grinders can remove stumps in no time.
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